77 Easy and Tasty Keto Snacks: You Don’t Have To Miss Out

The ketogenic (also known as keto) diet has become popular among those trying to lose weight and those seeking a better way to eat. However, this way of eating has been around for centuries. This diet was originally developed to treat those with epilepsy, but has become more popular and now helps many with a myriad of conditions.

Following this way of eating changes the way that the body converts energy. By lowering carbohydrate intake, the keto diet trains your body to burn fat for fuel instead of those carbohydrates. This way of eating will ideally put you into a state of ketosis, which is a metabolic state that replaces glycolysis (where blood glucose provides the energy).

With this explanation, eating a ketogenic diet may seem too complicated to easily fit into your day- to- day life. However, it is quite easy to follow once you force yourself to think about the foods that you eat. It is possible that keto diets also have health benefits beyond losing weight, these could include controlling diabetes, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Below I have provided a list of seventy seven snacks that are easy to eat and prepare regularly when you are following a keto diet. Most keto approved snacks do not even require a recipe to enjoy, making them easy to grab when you are in a hurry.

Vegetables and Fruits

The below vegetables and fruits are easy low carbohydrate snacks. All of these options are naturally high in the vitamins and nutrients that you need, so pick your favorite. Be sure when you are buying anything prepackaged however, that the carbohydrates, fat, and sugar line up with your goals.

The general rule to follow when choosing this way of eating for vegetables is that if the vegetable grows above ground (kale, celery, zucchini, etc.), it is likely low carbohydrate. If the vegetable grows below ground (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, etc.) it probably contains too many carbohydrates to fit into your new way of eating.

Fruits generally contain too many carbohydrates and too much sugar to fit into the keto diet, but berries are a good option when you are craving something sweet. Fruit is to be eaten in moderation to stick to this way of eating.

These fruits and vegetables align with the keto way of eating.

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1. Cherry tomatoes

2. Pickles

3. Bell peppers

4. Zucchini

5. Snap peas

6. Asparagus

7. Green beans

8. White mushrooms

9. Olives

10. Avocado

11. Blackberries

12. Blueberries

13. Raspberries

14. Coconuts

Grab and Go Proteins

Protein is a vital part of any diet, including the ketogenic way of eating. This is an essential nutrient and can be used by the body as a fuel source, it is also important for workout recovery. The list below includes some easy options for protein rich snacks that are part of the keto way of eating.

Be sure when you are purchasing any packaged items that you are checking the nutrition facts. This is important because sugar and carbs can crop into places you might not expect. Do not assume something is pure unless the nutrition facts on the label reflect that as well.

These protein rich snacks will be sure to satisfy the keto eater.

15. Pepperoni slices

16. Bacon

17. Jerky

18. Pork rinds

19. Salami

20. Hardboiled eggs

21. Sunflower seeds

22. Pumpkin seeds

23. Brazil nuts

24. Pecans

25. Walnuts

26. Macadamia Nuts

27. Hummus

28. Smoked Salmon

29. Flavored Tuna Pouches

30. Nut butter

31. Tofu

32. Almonds

33. Deli meat

34. Sardines

35. Smoked Oysters

36. Protein bars

37. Protein shakes

38. Cottage Cheese

39. Greek yogurt

40. Full fat cheese

Treat Yourself

Everyone needs a little something extra from time to time. These treats will help you feel like you indulged, but will also keep you on track.

41. Sugar free gelatin: Look at the label, different brands have different ingredients. Jello brand has a great sugar-free option.

42. Dark chocolate: This treat contains antioxidants and micro nutrients that you need, just be sure the brand you select has low sugar and carbohydrate content. Lilly’s chocolate is a scrumptious choice.

43. Gummy candies: Sugar free gummy bears or gummy worms are a nice treat as well. However, do not eat the whole bag in one sitting; your stomach would not appreciate it.

44. Seaweed snacks: These prepackaged snacks provide crazy amounts of vitamins and are low calorie and low carbohydrate.

45. Whipped cream: Yes. Whipped cream is keto! Again, be sure to check the label, the more natural the better, or you can make your own. A great recipe can be found here.

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46. Keto Cheetos: Are you missing those cheesy snacks? This recipe can bring them back into your life, keto style.

For those with a sweet tooth, the following recipes can help you stay on track while indulging a little bit as well. Many of these options are called ‘fat bombs’ and provide a higher level of healthy fat to curb cravings throughout the day.

47. Keto cookie dough recipe

48. Keto cheesecake recipe

49. Keto ice cream recipe

50. Chocolate cheesecake fat bomb recipe

51. Strawberry cheesecake fat bomb recipe

52. Keto mousse recipe

53. Chia seed pudding recipe

54. Keto smoothie recipe

Dips and Chips

What better for all of those keto friendly vegetables than a good keto dip to pair with them? The dips below will delight your taste buds. And if you are feeling like you want something more akin to a traditional potato chip, the chips recipes included here are also delicious.

55. Ranch dip recipe

56. Guacamole recipe

57. Pizza dip recipe

58. Cheese chips recipe

59. Kale chips recipe

60. Two ingredient cheese crisps recipe

61. Zucchini chips recipe

Savory Choices

If you are looking for a heartier, more savory snack, the following recipes are for you. These are all surprisingly, keto approved (even the soft pretzels) and delicious.

62. Wings recipe and ranch dressing recipe

63. Pizza bombs recipe

64. Butter burger bombs recipe

65. Buffalo chicken sausage balls recipe

66. Broccoli cheddar bites recipe

67. Keto soft pretzels recipe

68. Keto bread recipe

69. Meatballs: For these you can use your favorite meatball recipe, but substitute almond flour for the normal white or wheat flour you usually use as a thickening agent. Add some cheese to these once cooked for a delicious snack.

70. Lettuce wrap: Lettuce is mostly water, so it is a perfect low calorie and low carbohydrate addition to your keto diet. Fill lettuce leaves with anything you like, meat and cheese, egg salad, tuna salad, etc., roll it up like a tortilla, and enjoy.

71. Deviled egg recipe

72. Caprese salad: This is a great refreshing keto friendly snack. Pair tomato slices with mozzarella cheese slices and a bit of basil. You can also add a sugar free balsamic vinaigrette if you choose but these flavors are great on their own as well.

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73. Stuffed celery recipe

74. Cucumber boats: For these pseudo sandwiches, slice cucumbers lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Then fill with the filling of your choice. Deli meats and cheese is a great option, as well as tuna salad or egg salad. More vegetables with a keto ranch dip could also be delicious. These are highly customizable and easy to make.

75. Cucumber sandwiches: These are similar to cucumber boats but have a top as well to further resemble a sandwich. This recipe is easy to follow and delicious.

76. Tuna salad: Here you can also use whichever recipe you like for tuna salad, just be sure to use a keto friendly mayonnaise. You can find great keto mayonnaise in stores, but if you choose to make your own, this recipe is ideal. Also, relish often has added sugar – but cut up pickles make a great substitute.

77. Egg salad: Similarly to tuna salad, your own recipe can be used. Again, be sure to use keto friendly mayonnaise. However, these recipes offer a number of ways to spice up your egg salad.

Foods to avoid on the keto diet include most fruits (including apples and bananas), potatoes, pasta, bread, beer, rice, candy, soda, and juice. Foods with zero net carbohydrates include natural fats (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.), fish and seafood, and meats. Eggs and cheese have only one net carbohydrate per serving. Vegetables that grow above the ground can have anywhere from one to five net carbohydrates.

With all of the tasty snack options discussed here, you will be losing weight with the keto diet in no time; you may even forget that you are dieting altogether! The keto diet is filling and requires less calorie counting and food tracking once you are used to this way of eating. The ease of this way of eating makes it likely that you will stick with it and meet your goals or see the positive impact of this lifestyle change.

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