Product: Organic Shampoo [Scalp Relief]

Organic Shampoo [Scalp Relief]


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FINN & GUNNAR NORDIC ORGANICS SCALP RELIEF SHAMPOO with sea buckthorn is handemade in Norway. For sensitive or irritated scalps. Alleviating dandruff­, delivering fresh and soothing sensations while strengthening the hair fibers, preventing hair greying and reversing hair loss due to its unique formula, containing Nordic active ingredients such as sea buckthorn and wheat protein together with B-vitamins, zinc, amino acids and aloe vera. Sulphate free. Natural perfume with a hint of fresh Norwegian sea breeze with the scents from bilberry and seaside mist.

For best result, combine with our other Finn & Gunnar products.

Our product boxes are FSC certified and use eco-friendly paper made by
replacing parts of virgin tree pulp with residues of organic products such as
by-products from citrus fruits, grapes, cherries, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi
fruits, hazelnuts and almonds.

Labels with Ecological certification. We use
mineral paper produced without trees, without water, without chlorine, without
PVC and zero toxic gas emission. Bottles are made from PCR50% PET, re-using
plastic that already has been produced.

Always recycle
– Our bottles are made of recycled plastics and we encourage all users of our
product to dispose the empty bottle or jar in the recycling bin of plastics.