Fusion Select 7 Oz Panko Bread Crumbs – Japanese-Style Toasted Vegan Panko Breadcrumbs for Breading, Frying, Baking – For Fried Chicken & Pork, Baked Pasta, Roasted Vegetables, Tonkatsu



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Panko Japanese Style

What Makes Panko Breadcrumbs Better Than Regular Breadcrumbs?

Using breadcrumbs in cooking is an easy and quick way to add texture to any dish. They can be sprinkled over baked dishes or desserts and used to coat meat and vegetables before they go into the oven or the frying pan.

But while regular breadcrumbs are easy to use and can even be made at home, they’re likelier to get stale and soggy. Meanwhile, Japanese-style Panko breadcrumbs are specially made from toasted white, crustless bread, flaked and dried. You end up with larger, fluffier flakes that absorb less oil and definitely more crunch!

The Panko Bread Crumbs from Fusion Select will get you cooking crunchy, flavorful meals!

Frying ChickenFrying Chicken

For Breading & Frying

Panko breadcrumbs absorb less oil than golden or natural breadcrumbs, making them a better alternative for fried or deep-fried food.

You can use panko to coat vegetables, pork, chicken, and fish. After preparing your oil, dip your protein first in the flour and beaten egg to help your panko flakes stick. You can even use alternatives like almond flour or skip the egg entirely.

Delicious Panko ShrimpDelicious Panko Shrimp

Tasty When Baked

Crispy, crunchy panko flakes are excellent for baked dishes. You can make delicious roasted or oven-baked chicken, shrimp, and even vegetables and mushrooms. Sprinkle them as toppings or use them as breading. They’re great for casseroles, baked dips, egg bakes, and even pasta dishes like lasagna or mac and cheese. Panko can also be used as filling or stuffing for meatballs and stuffed mushrooms.

Sweet DishesSweet Dishes

Sweet Dishes & Dessert

Unseasoned panko flakes aren’t salty or savory. That’s why you can absolutely use them to elevate any dessert! You can add panko flakes to tart or brownie crusts if you want color and texture without using eggs. They also make excellent toppings for fruit crisps and even yogurt! Sprinkle some flakes with berries, bits of dried fruit, and chopped nuts. You can even add them to cake or cookie batter!

Here’s More To Know And Love About These Light And Fluffy Flakes!

Fried FishFried Fish

Panko PreparationPanko Preparation

Panko Kitchen StaplePanko Kitchen Staple

A Crispier Bite

Regular breadcrumbs are just as good at giving your food that crispy texture. But panko is superior because the larger, lighter flakes don’t absorb as much oil and won’t get as soggy, giving you more crackle after every bite. You can make breadcrumbs from any bread, even from leftovers. But Japanese-style panko is made from the flakes of bread which has been baked with an electric current. This yields a uniquely white, crustless bread.

Easy To Cook With

Panko breadcrumbs are toasted bread flakes that are technically already cooked. In other words, while they may be plain, dry, and flavorless, they’re perfectly safe to consume out of the bag.

But if you want to achieve the optimal texture, taste, and crispiness to give your dishes the finish they deserve, it’s ideal to keep cooking until your panko coating is golden and completely toasted.

Easy To Store

Dry panko breadcrumbs can be stored for up to 6 months under normal storage conditions at room temperature. To help them last longer, make sure to stash your bags somewhere cool, dry, and away from moisture. Or better yet, transfer your breadcrumbs into clean, airtight containers and keep them in the fridge or the freezer.

Packs of panko flakes must be used or consumed up to 2 months after opening.

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A Healthier Alternative – Panko flakes are also lower in calories, sodium, and saturated fat content. It’s an easy switch to make if you’re trying to eat healthier but can’t live without katsudon!
Bread Crumbs For Baking & More – Though most commonly used for frying and deep-frying, the texture of the large, fluffy flakes makes them ideal for topping baked dishes like pasta and casseroles.
Naturally Vegan Breadcrumbs – Panko is processed from white bread and contain no eggs or milk. These vegan bread crumbs are also free of soy, tree nuts, peanuts, artificial flavors, and additives.
Fun & Easy To Cook With – Enjoy these bread crumbs for stuffing, baking, and frying salty, savory, or sweet, sprinkled over the dish, or coating your protein. They’re easy to use with most recipes!

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