Fusion Select 2 Packs Sweet Potato Glass Noodles – Zero-Fat, Low-Calorie, No-Sodium Diet-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Stir-Fry, Dumplings, Hot Pot – For Chinese, Korean Recipes – 7.05oz



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This Is Your Sign To Finally Try Cooking With Glass Noodles.

Korean Glass NoodleKorean Glass Noodle

Made of sweet potato starch, glass noodles are a versatile ingredient found in many delicious Asian dishes. There are many different recipes out there, from Korean Japchae to Chinese hotpot, that all promise to be nutritious, flavorful, and fun to try. You can also use glass noodles to bulk up salads and stir-fry, or to stuff spring rolls and dumplings. They’re easy to store and easy to cook with, and can be served a number of different ways, dry or in soup. So, if you’re ready to expand your culinary repertoire, you’ve found the right ingredient.

These Sweet Potato Noodles from Fusion Select will get you cooking!

Japchae Japchae

Try Traditional Flavors

In Korean cuisine, sweet potato glass noodles are called dangmyeon and are most famously known for being in japchae — a sweet and savory noodle stir-fry dish covered in dark, sweet, umami sauce, tossed with meat and nutritious vegetables.

Glass noodles can also be used to make suan la fen, a bold, spicy Sichuan dish that places thicker sweet potato noodles in a hot, savory broth. With noodle packs that contain 10 servings each, you can try out multiple recipes!

glass noodles Vegetable Stir Friedglass noodles Vegetable Stir Fried

A Diet-Friendly Alternative

Cup ramen is delicious and easy to make, especially on the days you’re too busy or too distracted to cook. But regular noodles are incredibly high in sodium and having them for snacks or dinner too often could put you at risk for a number of wellness issues.

On the other hand, sweet potato noodles are made without sodium, and are also low in calories, sugar, and fat.

Glass Noodle - ways to eatGlass Noodle - ways to eat

Makes Fun & Easy Recipes

Is it hard to prepare glass noodles? Absolutely not.

Glass noodles are packaged into dry bundles that soften and expand in boiling water. But don’t leave them in too long, or they might break down. 2-3 minutes will do the trick. You can also tell if glass noodles are cooked if they’ve turned from white to transparent.

After that, you can toss the noodles into your sauce or add them to a stir-fry!

Here’s More To Know And Love About This Amazing Noodle!

mu naengmyeonmu naengmyeon

simmering hot pot - Glass Noodlesimmering hot pot - Glass Noodle

Store Fusion Select Glass NoodleStore Fusion Select Glass Noodle

Silky & Delicate

Glass noodles get their name because of how they turn translucent when cooked. But sometimes they are also called cellophane noodles, this time after their soft and gelatinous texture.

Light, springy, and slippery, glass noodles are excellent in a stir-fry because they’re less likely to clump. And because they don’t lose their structure whether they’re served hot or cold, they also taste good in hot or chilled soup, like mu naengmyeon.

Soaks Up Flavor

Pasta and ramen noodles are made from flour. Glass noodles are made from sweet potato starch. That means they aren’t as sticky, nor do they have much of a distinctive taste.

But they make up for it with how seamlessly they borrow or absorb it. The mild sweetness offsets pungent flavors, which is why glass noodles are often found in spicy and savory dishes, in soup, or covered in sauce.

Easy To Store

Dry glass noodles don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator. They can be kept somewhere dry at cool to room temperature for several months up to a year.

Meanwhile, freshly cooked noodles will last up to four hours out of the fridge, 3-5 days inside, and maybe even months in the freezer — but for the sake of flavor, it’s better to consume your noodles almost immediately after cooking.

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A Healthier Substitute – If you’re watching your weight or trying to consume less salt, this sweet potato noodle pack is a fat-free, diet-friendly alternative low in sodium, calories, and cholesterol.
Guilt-Free Carbs – These clear sweet potato noodles are made with only water and vegetable starch – no eggs, meat, sugar, or dairy. They’re ideal for vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based recipes.
Enough To Go Around – Try something new for Sunday dinner! One 7.05-oz pack (or 200g) of these sweet potato glass noodles is enough to make about 10 single servings, depending on your recipe.
Delicious Texture – Each sweet potato glass noodle offers little flavor. But when stirred into broth, covered in sauce, or tossed in stir-fry, these Korean clear noodles soak up spice and sweetness!


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