Alma Baking Bread – Low Carb, Low Glycemic, Keto Friendly, Low Calorie, Sugar Free – Sliced Loaf Sandwich Bread (Variety Sampler, 14 Ounces (Pack of 3))



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WHY ALMA? You shouldn’t have to make the choice between healthy and delicious. At Alma, we’ve made it our mission to ensure you can have both! Alma Baking stands out from other healthy bakery companies in the fact that our food actually tastes good. No more plastic-tasting pizza or boring bread! In fact, you might even forget you’re eating healthy! OUR PRODUCTS ARE… -Low carb. It’s incredibly hard to make a ”no carb” product taste great, but we have reduced our carb content by 35-40%, making for a healthy offering you’ll want more of. -Free of added sugar. Not only do we not add sugar to our products, but we also don’t use any ingredients that contain sugar. -Low glycemic index. All our products have a 39-45 glycemic index, making them conducive to maintaining healthy blood sugar -Clean label. All our ingredients are responsibly sourced and go through only physical alterations (no chemical modifications like bleaching). ABOUT ALMA Alma Baking Co. was started in 2016 by a small group of health food enthusiasts. What began as a small passion project has now turned into a growing enterprise, bringing delicious and healthy baked goods to customers across the country. At Alma, we believe there should be nothing standing in your way of enjoying a delicious treat, which is why we use only the healthiest ingredients that also taste great! OUR VALUES -All Alma products contain no added sugar and are diabetic friendly, have a low glycemic index, and are low carb. -Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore! We use only the highest quality, domestically sourced ingredients to ensure the best flavor every single time. -We don’t make anything that we wouldn’t feed our own children. We’ll never hide what’s in our food and will work tirelessly to provide only the best products. -If you’re following a diet program like Weight Watchers or the keto diet, our products fit perfectly!
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LOW CARB: Alma products have about 40 percent less carbohydrates than comparable products. Carbohydrate reduction was achieved by replacing flour with several low carbohydrate proteins and non-GMO resistant starches. Alma Baking stands out from other healthy bakery companies in the fact that our bread actually tastes good and not like cardboard! Also, We never add sugar to our products. Period.
LOW GLYCEMIC: What sets our products apart from all other low-carb products is the GI. Reduced carbs are only the first step toward achieving truly beneficial results for consumers on any low carb diets. How fast carbs are absorbed in the digestive tract is just as important as the quantity of carbs we consume. The very essence of low carb diets is the goal of affecting blood glucose the least we can. Keto diet recommends not only foods lower in carbs, but also foods with low GI.
INCREASED SATIETY – The combination of lower carbs AND lower glycemic index make consumers feel full longer than consuming ordinary bread, further contributing to a better diet. Slower digesting carbs make a lower impact on our blood sugar, making it a desirable attribute of our daily staples.
CLEAN INGREDIENTS: We use only all-natural products of the highest quality. One great example is the use of non-GMO corn starch, as opposed to modified wheat starch in many other low carb products. ‘Modified’ wheat starch refers to the highest level of chemical alteration of the material versus our starch that only goes through physical modification, such as cutting, grinding, or drying.
Directions: Alma Bread is freshly baked once a week then frozen. While being delivered, the bread thaws out while remaining fresh for you to enjoy upon arrival. You can keep it thawed and consume the bread within a week. Or put it in your freezer to extend the shelf life to up to 6 months.


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