8 Inspiring Ketogenic Diet Instagrammers You Should Be Following

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There seems to be no end in sight to the growing popularity of the ketogenic diet. Not surprisingly, Instagram is abuzz with the ‘ketodiet’ hashtag, which now has close to 5 million posts! With literally millions of posts to sift through, it can be hard to decide which accounts are really worth following.

While self-proclaimed ‘experts and influencers are no substitute for professional advice, you’ll find a steady source of source of inspiration and ideas. To make your keto journey a wee bit easier, we’ve narrowed down those choices to include some of the best Instragram accounts for keto diet information.

1. Keto Karma

Suzanne Ryan is one of Instagram’s leading keto influencers and with good cause. She’s rightfully earned her place on any keto influencer list, having shed 120 lbs with the diet herself. Her Instagram account is a treasure trove of keto information, as she shares a variety of posts, including helpful advice and tips for beginners, simple keto friendly recipes, and food ideas.

Did we mention, she’s also the author of ‘Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight’? Whether you’re just getting started with the keto diet or with following keto influencers, Keto Karma is a great place to start.

2. Keto In Canada

If you’re a working mom, who is struggling to hold it together and have a box of ‘slim clothes’ stashed away in your attic, you simply have to follow Keto In Canada. Joanna, a mother of two, worked full time and struggled for years to shed the excess weight.

Like many of us, her attempts at weight loss often ended in failure – she eventually crossed 200 lbs. That’s when she made a serious attempt to follow the keto diet. Her story is relatable, motivating, and practical. She shares a whole lot of information, including recipe ideas, workout routines, and lots more. What’s great about Joanna is that she’s never preachy and is always practical.

3. Ryan Lowery

What’s so refreshing about Ryan Lowery is not just that he’s a man (in a sea of female influencers), but that he’s also an expert. A star athlete with a PhD in Health and Human Performance, Ryan also serves as the CEO of Ketogenic.com and is the President of the Applied Science and Performance Institute.

With dozens of published papers on performance and sports nutrition under his belt, it’s no surprise that he takes a very precise and informed approach to the keto diet. If you’re looking for someone who is reliable, you won’t find a better repository of keto diet information! While he does post information and advice on nutrition and supplements, you’ll also find plenty of motivational posts to keep you going every day.

4. Leili Keto

If you love Middle Eastern or Persian cuisine, this is one keto Instagrammer you absolutely have to follow. Leili’s posts will leave you drooling and diving into your kitchen cabinet, cause every food post includes a recipe – with ingredients and detailed instructions. She describes herself as a Keto Recipe Developer and has, herself, lost over 75 lbs.

Although passionate about the keto diet, Leili is also a good source of information because she doesn’t let her passion cloud her judgment. She is the first to point out that the restrictiveness of the diet can increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies and problems like kidney stones, making supplementation particularly important.

5. Keto Copy

Keto Copy, aka Emily, is a self-described Keto copycat recipe developer and foodie. Her story is again one that’s relatable and inspirational. After battling eating disorders and weight gain for years, Emily managed to transform her life with the keto diet. While she credits the diet fully for her transformation, it of course wasn’t all keto.

Her persistence and tinkering in the kitchen to ‘keto-fy’ every dish had a lot to do with that transformation. Fortunately for us, she shares her experiences and food experiments over her Instagram channel and blog. From keto-friendly cheesecake custard cups and chocolate collagen mug cakes to pizza quesadilla and crab cake benedict, there’s not much that you won’t find!

6. Keto Made Simple

They say that if you want to change the world, you begin by changing your home. Julie Smith may not have gone about it in that order, but no one can say she hasn’t done it. After struggling with PCOS and the accompanying weight gain, she turned to the keto diet for respite. At first, she approached it as a weight loss diet that helped her shed over 60 pounds, but then stuck with it because of the positive impact it had on her lifestyle and wellbeing.

Since then, she’s been using Keto Made Simple to inspire others with simple and straightforward approaches to the diet. Her transformation and positive impact on others then inspired her husband Cameron to join the keto crusade and they’ve teamed up to make keto accessible to everyone.

7. Fit Men Cook

A big part of the struggle with healthy eating and weight loss is that sense of despair with insipid food choices. With his Instagram handle Fit Men Cook, Kevin Curry challenges this widespread perception. He believes that healthy food choices don’t have to be boring and bland.

You can think of him as a diet PR warrior, who shares healthy keto friendly variations of popular ‘junk food’ choices, such as chicken nuggets. As any of his followers would testify, he makes healthy eating fun and easy. And yes, , he’s the same Kevin Curry who authored the cookbook “Fit Men Cook”.

8. The Delicious

Whoever says food can’t be art when you’re on a diet hasn’t seen Sarah Gim’s Insta page, The Delicious. Her quirky style and bold experiments with healthy eating have made her quite the sensation. In her own words, the page was meant to inspire dieters to “eat beauty every day”. Filled with vibrant colors using only the healthiest ingredients, her posts are eye-catching and helpful. We’d say she’s accomplished what she set out to do!


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