How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

If you feel a burning sensation around your stomach that makes you uncomfortable for long, you may have gastritis. 

Gastritis can be a painful and uncomfortable digestive condition, often caused by a poor diet, stress, or infection. But there is hope – the best simple remedies for gastritis can help you recover quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll explore some of the proven options for natural relief, including dietary habits, relaxation techniques and herbal remedies. With the right approach, you can reduce inflammation and start feeling better in no time. We’ll provide you with the tips and advice you need to get back on track quickly, so you can start to enjoy food again and feel energetic and strong.

Many of us often ignore this illness because of its mild nature. But it could get serious in the coming days. Keep in mind that mild gastritis pain can become a severe ulcer case or even ultimately increase the risk of a full-blown ulcer. 

This post discusses how to heal gastritis with multiple approaches. 


How To Heal Gastritis With 12 Proven Home Remedies

As aforementioned, while rare cases of gastritis require medical attention, most cases only require managing its symptoms.  

Some remedies won’t work for everyone. So it’s important to try multiple remedies to find what’s suitable for your condition. 

With that said, here are 12 true-to-test home remedies for Gastritis treatment. 

1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet 

Broccoli and olive oil are two foods that can help prevent gastritis. 

Because Gastritis causes stomach lining inflammation, consuming a diet that contains anti-inflammation properties can improve your symptoms. However, there’s currently no research backing up a certain diet or dietary plan for gastritis prevention.  

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Keeping a food diary can help identify foods that trigger or foods that relieve symptoms. That way you can know what to consume and what not to. 

Here are some foods that trigger inflammation: 

  • Gluten 
  • Junk food 
  • Dairy food 
  • Acidic food 
  • Spicy food 
  • Alcohol 

2. Use garlic extract 

The research found that extracts from garlic extract can help lower gastritis symptoms. Crushing raw garlic to eat can work wonders. 

If you don’t like the typical garlic taste, you can chop up the garlic, mix with peanut butter and eat it in a spoonful. The peanut butter sweetness will cover up the taste of the garlic. 

3. Use probiotics

How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

Probiotics aid bowel movements and improve overall digestion. Probiotics supplements contain good bacteria that are ingested into the digestive tract to destroy the activity of H. pylori. Foods rich in probiotics can also improve gastritis symptoms. Check out a few of these foods: 

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  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Kombucha
  • Kimchi 
  • sauerkraut

4. Take tea and manuka honey combo 

Green tea combined with manuka honey can provide soothing relief to the stomach. 

According to a study, drinking black tea or green tea at least once weekly can potentially lower H. pylori activities in the digestive system. 

In addition, Manuka honey contains antibacterial that combat infection.  

How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

A lot of people also confirm that taking warm water can provide relief to the stomach while aiding digestion. 

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5. Try essential oils

How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

One study found that lemon verbena and lemongrass help increase H. pylori during the lab tests. 

Ginger, clove, and peppermints are other oils that may benefit the digestive system. 

Do not ingest essential oils. Ensure that you always have them diluted with a carrier oil when applying to the skin. 

You may want to use oils in diffusers or seek medical advice on safer ways to use them for gastritis relief.  

Keep in mind that essential oils are not regulated by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

6. Consume light meals 

Consuming heavy, carbohydrate meals can take a toll on your digestive system and worsen gastritis symptoms. 

Eating light meals regularly every day can simplify the digestive process and reduce gastritis symptoms.  

7. Stop smoking. Avoid painkiller drugs abuse 

Smoking can threaten the stomach lining’s health and increase the risk of stomach cancer development. 

Using over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen in excess can be damaging to the stomach lining and worsen gastritis. 

8. Manage stress

How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

Stress has been proven to increase the chances of gastritis flare-ups. Therefore, managing or reducing stress can help manage your condition. 

Here are popular stress management strategies: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation 
  • Massage 
  • Breathing exercises 

9. Take a freezy fluid

Put two cubes of sugar in cold water. Drink. Do this multiple times if necessary. This is a quick fix remedy and it’s working. Coldwater keeps the body fluid stabilized. 

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This is achieved by calming down the throat and reducing the burning sensation. So drink a glass of cold water and stroll out. The acid causing the sensation will reduce activity slowly. 

10. Coconut can be the real deal 

Get coconut water and start sipping until the pain reduces. You can try to continue this every day. Coconut water contains fiber which aids digestion and stops acidity. 

Moreso, coconut water is a popular coolant of the stomach lining which reduces stomach pain. 

11. Get some ginger

How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

Ginger is another super herb that patients can benefit from. 

It has anti-bacterial properties to reduce bacterial-influenced inflammation. 

Ginger contains an anti-inflammatory property that helps reduce stomach lining irritation.  Chew your ginger and gulp it down with a glass of water. Or, you can mix the ginger powder, asafetida, and the road salt in warm water and sip. That’s some immediate magical relief you’ll experience down there. 

You need One inch-long Ginger and a glass of water.  Do this every month for effective result.

12. Chamomile tea works wonders

This has provided soothing relief to the intestinal walls and gets rids of gas. Mix a teaspoon or two of chamomile flowers in a cup of hot water. Allow it to steep for at least 5 minutes. 

Drink the tea multiple times daily as it reduces gastritis symptoms. 

How to Heal Gastritis (Ease the burning pain)

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