Drink Up! 5 Healthy Drinks That Help You Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss is no easy feat, but your beverage choices can help you on the path to success! Rather than reaching for a snack next time hunger strikes, why not try one of these five slimming drinks? Improving what you drink could be just as important as changing up your diet when it comes to shedding some pounds. Dissatisfied with failed diets in the past? Make sure that this time around isn’t doomed from the start – grab yourself one of these weight-loss beverages and watch those unwanted pounds melt away faster than ever before!


Start your day right with a hot cup of coffee and reap the surprising benefits of this magical bean. Coffee helps you lose weight in a number of ways, starting with the appetite-suppressing powers of caffeine. Caffeine also gives you an energy boost, which will hopefully propel you into doing a morning workout. And caffeine may provide a small boost for your metabolism, where every bit counts.

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit that coffee provides. Recent studies have found that drinking coffee every day may lengthen your lifespan. One study found that people who drank 3-5 cups of coffee a day were 15% less likely to die prematurely. There’s also evidence that drinking coffee lowers your risk for stroke and for Type II diabetes.

To get the most benefit out of your coffee habit, take it black. Adding cream, milk, or sugar adds extra calories, and there’s even some evidence that non-calorie sweeteners can sabotage your diet by causing you to crave more sweets. If you can’t stand black coffee, add a soy-based creamer for some extra protein.

Tea Supplements

Tea supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly for their potential benefits in weight loss. These supplements are derived from various types of tea, such as green tea, oolong tea, and black tea, which are known for their high levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

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All Day Slimming Tea is a personal favorite of ours, as all of ingredients used in their blends are organic and ethically sourced. The quality of the ingredients in the tea, or anything for that matter) really makes a tremendous difference on maximizing the intended results. Find All Day Slimming tea here.

healthy drinks for weight loss

Red Wine

When you want to unwind, consider adding a glass of red wine to your evening routine. One glass of red wine is usually about 125 calories, which sounds like an indulgence. But the benefits of drinking red wine regularly may outweigh the calories that it costs you, especially if you enjoy your glass of wine in lieu of dessert.

healthy drinks for weight loss

Recent studies suggest that a chemical in red wine called resveratrol may help to change the composition of the fat in your body. Specifically, it may change white fat, which is the fat we’re all familiar with, to brown fat. Brown fat, which is usually created by time spent in freezing temperatures or fasting, actually raises your resting metabolism and helps you burn calories more quickly. More brown fat means more fat burnt every day. Some scientists are working to capture the power of resveratrol in a pill form, but for now, red wine is the easiest way to get it.

Green Tea

Like coffee, green tea has caffeine, which will boost your metabolism and help to stave off hunger. However, green tea also has countless other benefits, some of which scientists are just now discovering. That’s because green tea is chock full of healthy polyphenols, plant-based antioxidants that fight cellular damage and make weight loss easier.

healthy drinks for weight loss

Specifically, green tea contains catechins, a unique antioxidant that provides a number of health benefits. Researchers have found that catechins can lower high blood pressure and improve vascular health as well as possibly lower levels of bad cholesterol. While these benefits are indisputably good, new studies also suggest that the catechins in green tea may provide the weight-loss boost that you’ve been looking for.

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Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center now recommend that individuals looking to lose weight while drinking green tea consume 2-3 cups of it each day. Luckily, green tea is sweeter than traditional black tea. This means it’s easier to drink green tea without milk or sugar, making it a zero calorie treat with a proven track record of weight loss success.

Herbal Teas

healthy drinks for weight loss

Herbal teas are another great option when it comes to healthy drinks for weight loss as they come packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients that help support metabolism and healthier body composition. Different herbs have different benefits – chamomile is calming while hibiscus aids in digestion – but all offer the same general benefit: improved digestive health which plays a key role in achieving effective weight loss results.


Of all the beverages you could drink to lose weight, none will be more helpful for reaching your goals than plain old water. Water has zero calories, so you don’t need to worry about counting them. Water fills you up so you don’t snack mindlessly or overeat at one sitting. Water keeps your metabolism up and stops you from mistaking thirst for hunger. It also allows you to work out longer without getting tired, makes your skin look better, and gives you more energy.

You probably already know how great water can be for weight loss but may be struggling with getting enough of it every day. One easy fix for this is to fill a large water bottle up in the morning and drink from it throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated and make it easy to get enough without stopping to refill your glass.

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You don’t have to suffer to lose weight, just make smarter choices and practice better habits. When you choose healthy beverages instead of unhealthy snacking you can watch the fat melt away without struggling. And that’s something worth raising a glass for!


healthy drinks for weight loss

Smoothies made with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables add flavor AND nutrition to any diet plan without adding too many calories or sugar. Plus they’re easy to make! Simply blend together 2-3 cups of your favorite produce with water or plain Greek yogurt until smooth – then enjoy! Protein shakes are also a great idea if you don’t have time to prepare meals at home – they’re convenient but should still include high-quality ingredients like whey protein powder or plant-based proteins like pea or rice protein powder as well as unsweetened almond milk or low-fat dairy milk depending on your preference.

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If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages that can still help you reach your weight loss goals quickly and effectively, these healthier options are certainly worth exploring. Not only do they offer a variety of health benefits but they also come with more natural flavor profiles. Plus, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, these drinks have it all – they provide the necessary resources to promote a healthy metabolism while helping to boost your energy levels. So if you’re serious about dropping pounds in no time while maintaining overall good health, make sure to give these drinks a try!

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healthy drinks for weight loss



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