12 Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Hormones may be most out of control and thus most talked about during adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause in women. However, they have a massive impact on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being throughout our entire lives. These important chemicals control our appetite, metabolism, heart rate, sleep, reproductive cycles, weight, mood, general growth and development, and virtually every organ and process in our bodies. 

Hormones are produced by endocrine glands, such as the adrenal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus, kidneys, pancreas, ovaries, and testicles. They travel through the bloodstream delivering messages to tissues and hormones about what to do. Normally, our endocrine glands produce exactly the right amount of hormones needed for the numerous daily processes in our bodies. Nonetheless, due to our fast-paced modern lifestyles full of stress, processed foods, lack of sleep, and exercise, hormonal imbalances have become very common. Certain hormones may also decline with age, which makes older people even more susceptible to hormonal changes. 



Hormonal imbalances occur when there is either too much or too little of a hormone being produced. Both men and women can experience imbalances in insulin, adrenaline, steroids, and growth hormones. Women are also known for experiencing imbalances in estrogen and progesterone levels, while men may be affected by testosterone imbalances. 

Women naturally go through several periods of hormonal changes, including during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. 

The symptoms of hormonal imbalance depend on the hormone and the gland that is affected, however, the symptoms related to the most common causes include changes in heart rate, changes in blood pressure, unexplained weight loss or gain, excessive sweating, insomnia, skin changes (dry skin or acne), weak bones, changes in blood sugar, irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue, thirst, changes in appetite, bloating, reduced sex drive, thinning hair, infertility, blurred vision, etc. 

The causes of hormonal imbalance also depend on the hormones and the glands that have been affected. Some of the most common causes include chronic stress, poor diet, being overweight, anorexia, certain medications (birth control, hormonal replacement, steroids), exposure to toxins, etc. 

Luckily, there are some natural ways and lifestyle choices that may help you balance your hormones. 


Natural ways to balance hormones

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

The most important and effective way to balance hormones is by choosing a healthy and nutritious diet. However, there are also some other lifestyle choices that have a major impact on your hormone levels and thus your entire well-being. 

Consider adding some of the following hormone-balancing supplements:

  • DIM or diindolylmethane is great for healthy estrogen metabolism and to balance estrogen dominance. 
  • Sulforaphane and calcium d-glucaratecalcium d-glucarateare also known for balancing estrogen dominance and detoxifying the liver. 
  • Vitex or vitex agnus-castus is known for alleviating PMS symptoms and boosting fertility.
  • Maca has been found to improve sexual function and balance hormones in menopausal and postmenopausal women. 
  • Ginseng may improve Erectile Dysfunction in men and boost libido in women, lower blood sugar, and reduce anxiousness, irritability, and sleep disturbances caused by menopause
  • Probiotics and prebiotics improve both mood and gut health. 
  • Ascorbic Acid boosts immunity, fights inflammation, reduces stress hormones, boosts female fertility, lowers fasting blood glucose, and balances estrogen levels in postmenopausal women. 
  • Magnesium and vitamin B6 will help you balance stress, reduce inflammation, normalize your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and improve sleep.
  • Zinc has been found to balance emotions and enhance brain function in premenopausal women, boost your mood, and increase stress resilience. In postmenopausal women, it can also improve bone mass. 
  • Copper may help you reduce feelings of depression and improve bone health. The latter is also true for calcium. 
  • Glycine has been found to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre will help you control blood sugar and cravings. 
  • Try red clover, dong quai, black cohosh, and evening primrose oil for hot flashes caused by menopause
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Diet-related ways to balance hormones

  • Consume enough protein a day. Proteins have a massive impact on muscles, bones, skin health, and hormones that control appetite, food consumption, and metabolism. It is recommended to ingest at least 20-30 grams of protein per meal.
  • Foods rich in protein include almonds, oats, chicken breast, eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, broccoli, tuna, shrimp, quinoa, lentils, brussels sprouts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, turkey breast, and lean beef.
  • Consume adequate amounts of healthy fats. Doing so may reduce insulin resistance and appetite. Trans fats, on the other hand, promote insulin resistance and obesity. Increase your intake of insulin resistance-reducing fats, such as nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and dairy fats. 
  • Choose a high-fiber diet. Soluble fiber has been linked to increased insulin sensitivity and the production of hormones that make you feel full. Both soluble and insoluble fiber have been found to decrease appetite. Fiber-rich foods include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts. 
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Opt for organic options, as pesticides and other toxins may further disrupt your hormones. Avocados and cruciferous vegetables are especially great for balancing hormones. Broccoli helps the liver metabolize estrogen in a healthy way and avocados have a positive influence on both estrogen and progesterone levels. 
  • Opt for fatty fish. Fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and herring contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, have anti-inflammatory properties and have been linked to hormonal health. They have been shown to reduce stress hormones (both adrenaline and cortisol) and to reduce insulin resistance related to obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, and gestational diabetes. For optimal overall health, it is recommended to include at least two servings of fatty fish per week. 
  • Add eggs to your diet. They have been found to balance food intake-regulating hormones, lower insulin and ghrelin levels, and increase PYY. They also seem to promote heart health and have other benefits. 
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbs. Consuming high amounts of sugar and refined carbs is related to many health issues, including hormonal imbalances. Numerous studies have confirmed that fructose and refined carbs promote insulin resistance. As such, we should stick to a low or moderate-carb and sugar diet based on whole foods, which may reduce insulin levels and obesity. Also, make sure to avoid sugary beverages, as they seem to be the worst form of sugar, especially because we can consume much larger amounts of sugar with beverages than with food, as beverages don’t trigger fullness signals.
  • Also avoid processed foods, fried foods, and alcohol, as these foods have also been shown to have a negative impact on our hormone levels.  
  • Drink green tea. Green tea has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin levels. Consider drinking one to three cups of green tea a day. 
  • Avoid both over and undereating. Both may cause hormonal changes and result in weight issues. Overeating is also linked to increased insulin levels, while cutting too many calories may increase cortisol levels and actually promote weight gain. Make sure to consume at least 1200 calories a day and stay within your personal calorie range. 

Lifestyle-related ways to balance hormones

  • Exercise regularly. Physical activity has a major impact on our hormones, including our insulin levels, testosterone levels, growth hormones, and more. It has also been found to lower depression and other hormone-related mental issues. Aerobic exercise, strength training, and endurance training have all been found to increase insulin sensitivity. 
  • Destress. Stress fills our bodies with cortisol and adrenaline and chronically increased levels of those two hormones can result in excessive calorie intake, obesity, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and anxiety. Make sure to engage in stress-reducing techniques, such as meditation, yoga, listening to relaxing music, or having a massage for 10-15 minutes a day. 
  • Get enough high-quality sleep. Getting enough sleep will restore your body and balance your hormones. Insufficient amounts of sleep have been shown to cause imbalances in insulin, cortisol, ghrelin, leptin, and growth hormones. Make sure to get at least seven hours of high-quality sleep a night. 

Delicious hormone-balancing recipes

In this section, you can find some very tasty and very healthy hormone-balancing recipes, which you can choose for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bon appétit!

Hormone-balancing breakfast recipes

Hormone-balancing smoothies

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Smoothies are a great way to incorporate as many nutritious foods into a single meal. If you pick the right ingredients, you can fuel your body, balance your insulin levels, decrease your cortisol levels, and promote your overall hormonal health. Consider adding almond milk, organic plant-based protein powder, some nuts and seeds, avocado, leafy greens, and some healthy fruits to make the smoothie tasty and rich in vitamins. You can also add maca, vitex, or any other hormone-balancing supplement that you may use.  

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You can find some amazing hormone-balancing smoothie recipes here

Hormone-balancing lunch recipes

Instant pot bison and cabbage stew

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

This is a simple and quick recipe that contains lots of healthy hormone-balancing ingredients. Grass-fed bison is low on saturated fats and cholesterol and high on omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, it contains just as many omega-3s per serving as salmon. It also contains cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, and beneficial spices. This stew is suitable for balancing estrogen dominance, menopause, adrenal imbalances, and more. 

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Prebiotic-rich wild rice protein salad

Salads are healthy in many ways, however, this particular dish is full of hormone-balancing properties and it is suitable for menopause issues, estrogen dominance, thyroid, and adrenal issues. Wild rice is rich in prebiotics, which promote gut health, are packed with fiber, and are full of protein. It also contains lots of antioxidants, vitamin B, and magnesium

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Roasted beet and carrot salad with herbs

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

If you are looking for a healthy lunch recipe that will boost your progesterone levels and help your body metabolize estrogen, you have just found the right one. Both beet and carrot will help you metabolize excessive amounts of estrogen and increase the production of progesterone. The dish also contains healthy fat-packed olive oil, protein-rich chicken breast. Salad greens, some seeds, and healthy herbs. Plus, it is delicious. 

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Cashew butter protein balls

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

If you are craving sugar, yet your blood sugar levels are off the charts, you can still have a sweet treat, but you must select one that will not cause your blood sugar levels to spike but will balance them instead. This healthy protein and healthy fat-rich snack will do just that! The ingredients include raw cashews, almond flour, coconut, dried cranberries, coconut oil, and more. The recipe is simple and it will provide you with a healthy guilt-free snack. 

You can find the full recipe here

Hormone-balancing dinner recipes

Salmon file with seed rotation pesto

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Not only is this dish delicious, but it is also low in calories, yet rich in healthy hormone-balancing nutrients. The most important ingredient is salmon, which is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and healthy fats. Make sure to opt for the wild-caught salmon, as farmed salmon tends to have much higher concentrations of contaminants and antibiotics. You will also need olive oil, which will provide an additional dose of healthy fats and omega 3s. The third and last ingredient is seed rotation pesto, which is made of lots of healthy herbs and seeds, which promote overall well-being in countless different ways. The dish is great for balancing estrogen dominance, menopause, PCOS, thyroid, and adrenal issues

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Instant pot chickpea warming Dhal

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Dhal is a traditional Indian dish and in India, it is considered a healing stew. Some of the spices, such as turmeric, ginger, and coriander have powerful medicinal properties. In addition, the dish contains a long list of other healthy ingredients, such as onions, garlic, chickpeas, cauliflower, yam, baby spinach, and more. The recipe is great for balancing estrogen dominance, PCOS, menopause, thyroid, and adrenal issues. 

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Paleo chicken burrito bowl

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

This is an incredibly tasty dish, yet it is healthy and hormone-balancing. Its ingredients include protein-rich chicken, cauliflower, which is one of the best estrogen metabolizing foods, avocado – a superstar in balancing all kinds of hormones, peppers, onions, and other foods with health benefits and hormone-balancing properties. 

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Turkey burgers

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

In addition to chicken, lean turkey meat is also a great source of protein. If you are a big turkey and burger lover, yet you want to keep your hormones in check, you can enjoy this delicious meal without a shred of guilt. The burgers are made with just five simple and healthy ingredients: ground turkey, zucchini, garlic, cumin, and salt and pepper. Make sure to choose whole-grain burger buns and healthy toppings, such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and homemade guacamole. 

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You can find the entire list of  ingredients and the instructions here

Hormone-balancing snack recipes

Matcha chia pudding

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Pudding isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This pudding, for example, is actually very healthy. It contains almond milk (make sure to opt for the unsweetened one), which is full of healthy fats and protein, matcha green tea powder, which is considered one of the best hormone-balancing ingredients, and healthy fat-packed chia seeds. You can also add some additional protein powder, supplement for any kind of hormonal imbalance you may experience, and top it off with berries or any other vitamin-rich fruits. 

You can find the full recipe here

Ice cream

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Did you know that you can make a very creamy, tasty, and healthy ice cream at home in a matter of minutes? Indeed – all you need are frozen bananas (the main fiber and vitamin-rich ingredient) and one or two other ingredients, depending on which flavor you want. For example, if you want to make a raspberry ice cream, you would just need to blend together frozen bananas and frozen raspberries (you can choose the same amount of each ingredient or you can add more bananas for more sweetness or more raspberries to make the dessert more refreshing). Instead of raspberries, you can add organic cocoa, peanut butter, coconut flakes, some nuts, or anything else that would create the best flavor. 

You can find the full recipe here


Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

In Tunisia, Shakshuka is considered a traditional, healthy and delicious breakfast. As it may be a bit more complex and exotic than most breakfast dishes, we believe it could also make a great lunch option. The ingredients include eggs, kale or spinach, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, coconut oil, and lots of antioxidant-rich spices. The dish is tasty and full of hormone-balancing proteins, fiber, and vitamins. 

You can find the entire list of ingredients and the instructions here

Hormone-balancing pancakes

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

We tend to associate pancakes with unhealthy food, however, some pancakes can be incredibly healthy. These pancakes contain three main ingredients – protein-rich eggs, oats, which are high in fiber, and bananas, which are known for containing lots of vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and for balancing blood sugar levels. In addition, you can add some other nutritious and hormone-balancing ingredients, such as almond or peanut butter, cinnamon, and you can use coconut oil for baking, which has also been shown to balance hormones. 

You can find this healthy recipe here.

Paleo breakfast bread

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

This is a high-protein bread made mostly of almond butter, which is packed with healthy fats, protein, vitamin E, and other important nutrients vital for our hormone health and overall well-being, and eggs, which are also considered one of the best hormone-balancing foods. You can either serve it with avocado or almond/peanut butter. All of these toppings would increase the number of healthy fats and protein, and thus additionally support your hormone balance. 

You can find the entire recipe here

Avocado toast with eggs

Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Avocado toast is a simple, tasty, and healthy breakfast option, just make sure to opt for whole-grain toast, instead of white toast. Avocado is a great source of healthy fats, whole grain bread is high in fiber, proteins, and other healthy properties, and if you add some eggs, you get an additional dose of proteins and hormone-balancing nutrients. You can prepare the eggs in whichever way you like best – fried, boiled, scrambled, or poached. 

You can find the simple, yet delicious recipe here


Delicious Hormone-balancing Recipes for Women

Last but not least – guacamole. Guacamole is a traditional Mexican dish and the perfect snack for any party or evening in front of the TV. It is an avocado-based dip or salad that contains many healthy ingredients. In addition to hormone-balancing, fiber, and healthy fat-packed avocados, you can add cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, lime juice, and even some cilantro. Enjoy!
You can find the full recipe here.


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